On Board


Varun Singh, Founder 

IMG_2380Varun is educated to a high level, with extensive knowledge of all current management, economic, social, political and regulatory issues with an expertise of working in a non-profit organization setup. He is passionate about making emotional and mental health equally important to a girl child’s academic development through his brainchild, Hooria. The team at THF is committed to work directly with children and young people, helping families and individuals to identify talents and craft young minds in order to create a happy, independent, creative and socially empowered culture for girls.

Born and raised in a family of army men and social workers, the seed to give back to the community was planted long before he realised what it meant. Varun began his social work journey as a 15 year old volunteer in the Rashtriya Swabhiman  organisation – which works towards empowering the Indian rural sector by providing educational, medical, infrastructural facilities to offer equal opportunities for all in order to become a self-reliant, dignified majority in the developing India. Varun is an avid traveller and has lived more than half of his life between England and Canada.


Tristyn Donovan, Mentor

Tristyn developed her passion for sustainable practices and eco-friendly education at a trsy2young age. Having spent a number of years abroad, she witnessed first hand the devastating and long-lasting effects of environmental pollution on children, families, and of course, the planet. Through the platform of ModernSustain, Tristyn plans to make sustainable solutions accessible to families of all socioeconomics backgrounds. In her daily life, she practices a Zero Waste lifestyle, and works hard to drive more awareness to economically conscious alternatives. By bringing awareness to the cause, she hopes to inspire others like her to live waste free, and to critically engage with the political, economic, and societal structures that condone single use habits.


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